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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Doctor and other things

Thursday, 4/27 was my physical. I used AJ's doctor because I knew I could pretty much get in and out with no problem. My appointment was at 2:40. They told me to be there 30 minutes before so that I could fill out paperwork. I arrived at 2. The said paperwork was 2 pieces of paper that took me 3 minutes. No big deal. I sat there until 2:20 when they called me back. Cool they were going to get me in and out early. Boy was I wrong on that one. I had to sit and wait for an exam room after they took all of my vitals. Oh yeah, one more thing for when I arrived. I knew that I was going to have to take a urinalysis and I really, really, really needed to go when I got there. I explained to the lady what I was there for and asked if I could got ahead and pee in the cup, she told me I was just going to have to wait. I'm glad it only took 20 minutes to get me back there! I think I would have made a puddle on the floor if I had to wait any longer. Back to the exam. I finally got a room and waited for the "doctor" to come in. Mind you this has been AJ's doctor for over 10 years. So he comes in and I explain to him that I need the forms (2 for me and 1 for AJ since he had already been there on Monday and had 1 filled out) filled out and that I also needed him to correct AJ's first form and then to write a letter about his diabetes. Well, this "doctor" asks me about artificial insemination. Had we tried it and so forth. I explained that we had thought about it, but decided that we wanted to adopt. Well that's when I hear this coming out of his mouth "It's just if you do artificial insemination it feels much more like your own". I was floored. I had never been told this by anyone, but here was a "doctor" telling me this. I just told him Maddie was like my own and that was that. I went to get my blood drawn and then wait for AJ's letter to be typed up. When I went to the front desk to tell them that I needed the notary information added onto the letter I was greeted with "I never do that". Well dang it, I don't care if you never do that, DO IT NOW! It took 10 minutes for her to type the darn 2 sentence letter with the notary stuff on it. Oh well, thank goodness it's over. My physical is done. AJ's physical is done and all I need to do is get the kids doctor to complete their forms. They had physical's within the last year so we are good on them. Also, our social worker comes on 5/21 for her one and only visit. Cool thing is that she goes to the Duluth Church of Christ. We go to Campus Church of Christ. The Duluth church is not that far from where we go. She is also coming on a Sunday after church. How cool it that? Hopefully this will be enough time to allow our fingerprints to clear from the GBI (we are getting fingerprinted on Tuesday). I should also have our dossier completed by then with the exception of the homestudy and the I-171H which is the INS clearance. That would mean that we should be able to be DTC in June as long as we get the I-171H pretty quick. Please just say a prayer that everything goes okay. We still have to get pre-approval from the Chinese government, but we have to have our homestudy completed before the agency will send off our letter of intent. We shouldn't have a problem, but all of the extra prayers are worth it.


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