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Friday, June 16, 2006

It's on it's way!!

We got our official home study approval in the mail today. I love Hope for Children! I can not say enough good things about them. They were very friendly and quick. The changes that needed to be made were minor and something that I should have caught myself. It's now on to the USCIS and our adoption agency. I just can't believe it's actually real. It still doesn't seem like it. I ordered our marriage certificate yesterday from TN so it should be here anyday. They are pretty quick about getting things done. Also, if your wondering what happened when I called our first home study agency to get the notarized copy of our original home study. The only thing I could do was laugh when I got off of the phone. First of all I thought I got Grumpy the dwarf when she answered the phone. This time it was actually someone who worked there and not the director. When I told her what I needed, she told me that GA law says they do not have to keep the home studies that were completed that far back (2003) and it was already scanned in and gone. Funny, I know other people who had their's completed in 2001 and 2002 that were able to get original copies. I guess those agencies were breaking the law. Oh well it's all taken care of. The adoption agency says that all we need to do is get a notarized copy of the copy (which we did) and that will suffice. Everything will be on its way to them tomorrow. WOOOHOOOO! I can't wait to be able to send our LOI.


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