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Monday, September 25, 2006

How hard is it to get a notary?

Apparently it's really hard. I went to go redo my I-797 today. I had a friend notarize it. Well when I got to the courthouse to have them certify the notary, it turns out that my notary used her full name instead of her initial like she did on her seal. Okay, so I ask if there was anyone there who could notarize the letter since I had brought extra copies with me. I was told yes so I went out to the car to get them. By the time I came back, the clerk had changed her mind. She didn't want to notarize the document stating that it was a copy of a copy. Fine. I asked her where the closet branch of my bank was and she told me. I went there to have them notarize it. Mind you, this form had already been completed it was just the dates that were not correct and also my adoption agency said it was okay to use this. So I get up to the teller and tell her what I need for her to do. She looks and looks and looks. She decides she can't do it because AJ wasn't with me. I'm in tears at this point. I called AJ to ask him if the girl who had been doing our notary stuff was at the dealership. He said she was and so I had her do it. No problems. I went to the Dekalb County courthouse and got the notary certified and then rode Marta to the Secretary of State's office to have it state sealed. It was that easy. I wish I had done Marta the whole time. It's 3.50 roundtrip, but I saved gas and hassle trying to find parking plus walking several miles to the Secretary of State's office. The Marta station is right there. You just go up the escalator. Anyway, I wanted to go ahead and get it in the mail so I needed to make copies. I stopped at the post office thinking that they had a copier like all of the other post offices that I have been to. Well this one apparently doesn't believe in copiers. I went over to Kroger and asked to get some copies made. I was told they don't do copies. I found a check cashing place that would make copies for me at .25/page. I needed 6 pages. Oh well, it was worth it. The form is in the mail on it's way. I'm a little paranoid now and will be glad when I finally get it back and sent to the agency. On a side note, I met 2 people who had dealings with AAA Partners in Adoption our old ripping off homestudy agency. The first one used to work there and actually apologized for the agency. She now works for another agency here in GA. It wasn't her fault, but it was nice of her to apologize. The second was at the Secretary of State's office. He was having his documents state sealed for their adoption from Ethophia. I asked him what agency he was using and he told me AAA and I apologized to him. It kind of slipped out. I explained to him our situation and told him he needed to make sure that he stayed on top of them. Hopefully it will work out for them.


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