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Saturday, September 23, 2006

I am such a blonde!

Last time our I-171H/I797 had to be notarized by an attorney. This time it did not. I was excited. All I had to do was type a letter stating that the notary had compared the original and the copy and they were one in the same. Easy right. Well in my excited hurry up state I typed the letter up on 9/13. We didn't receive our form on 9/14. I changed the date at the top of the letter to say 9/15 and the notary signed it for 9/15. Well stupid me forgot to change the date in the body of the letter. I received the form back today from the Houston Consulate saying they couldn't authenticate it because of the dates not matching. Oh well, just another minor set back. Seriously frustrating. I really don't think we will make DTC next week and it probably won't be until the second week of October because the CCAA is closed for the Chinese holidays. Suprisingly enough, I am really calm about it. I am frustrated at myself, but I'm calm. I had thought last night that it might not be so bad waiting til January to travel. That way we aren't so busy at work and I won't have to rush and get her SSN really quick by the end of the year. I hate that she won't be hear for Christmas, but maybe we will have 2! Hopefully it will be the first of the year, but who knows. Maybe her SWI will be really quick in processing her paperwork and we will get TA really quick, but I'm not counting on it.


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