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Monday, June 26, 2006

Agency website

I went to our new agency's website as I always do to look at the kids. I always look at Sophie's picture there because it makes me smile to know that she will be home soon. It also makes me sad to know that some of the kids on the list have been waiting for a long time. If you are interested in adopting please consider a child with a special need. There are some boys who have cleft lip/cleft palates that have been repaired and are cute as buttons. They really need to find a home. Anyway, back to my point about the pictures. I always look for Sophie's picture and tonight it wasn't there. It kind of freaked me out at first. For a minute I thought that some other family had claimed her, but then I came back to reality and realized they took her off because she's ours. They are no longer advocating for her because she has a home. It's so hard to believe that I have looked at her picture for almost a year now and prayed (as I do for all of the children) that she would find a home. Little did I know that her home would be ours. I feel so blessed and can't wait to get her here. By the way, our agency is WACAP. If you are interested in a waiting child, please go to their website and click on the Family Finders link. You will have to email them to get a password, but it is definitly worth it. You will fall in love with the kids.


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