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Thursday, March 08, 2007

This is how I feel right now about the wait

Wow. I feel like I'm waiting for our I-797C again. I know it's beyond anyones control and I just need to be patient. I'm trying. I really, really, really am.

Side note, I would like to thank all of the people who disrupted their adoptions last year. Thanks to you, children have to wait a lot longer now for their families. If it weren't for you, I and every other family wouldn't have to wait for a seeking confirmation letter and then our TA. We would be able to just get TA and then go get our children. Now some families are waiting over 150 days. We only have 39 more days to go till we hit 150. Just again, my heart felt thanks for all that you did.

Okay, that's off of my chest. I need to get a life. Acutally, I need to get my daughter!


  • At 11:13 PM, Blogger Eric & Heather said…

    I think there have been many of us that feel this way, but know we'd probably get a ton of backlash from those that have switched (and there are many apparently).

    Shouldn't families that were on the SN track from the beginning take precedence? After all--they wanted to take in and love a child with a special need from the start. Why should the NSN people that seem to panic over new rules and longer waits suddenly decide that they want to switch and actually jump ahead of others in line (regardless of being logged in longer-it was an adoption under different cercumstances). Shouldn't they go to the back of the line/pile of SN files waiting to be processed?

    These are questions I would ask the CCAA. just doesn't matter. They'll run their program they way they see fit...and we'll wait..and the children have to wait.

    This is all not to say that they shouldn't be able to switch at all. What this has caused for those SN from the beginning is this: we now have been looking at a picture of our child in China for 7 months or more, can't get our letters or travel approvals so it will be another month at least. NSN people talk about how hard it is to wait for TA after getting referral--how about 9 months or so wait??'ve opened the flood gates-sorry.


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