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Saturday, July 29, 2006


10 out of 13 documents going to the Houston Consulate left today from a little post office in Rutledge GA. When I say little, I mean one person was working there. We went to Hard Labor Creek today and I took our documents because I needed to get a money order and mail them. Well we weren't going by the Covington post office so I was probably going to have to wait until Monday since the post office would have been closed when we got done at the lake. Well when we were almost there we passed the post office. I asked AJ to turn around so that I could mail them. I am really nervous about letting these things go especially from here. I bought the money order first and as he was ringing it up, I addressed my envelopes. Well he gave me my receipt and forgot to give me my money order so I had to remind him. I then finished getting everything together and put it in the envelope. I used a USPS Priority Mail envelope. This worked last time and I have faith in the USPS, that is until today. I explained to the man that I needed to get postage for the return envelope. He looked really confused. It was almost like he didn't want to sell it to me. He finally got it and stuck it on my return envelope. I stuffed everything in, sealed it up and waited for him to put the postage on the outside. I also got delivery confirmation and I think that may have confused him. I gave him my envelope and he kind of tossed it underneath the counter like it was no big deal. I wanted to shout to him about being careful with that envelope. It contained our life. Oh well, hopefully it will get there Monday or Tuesday. We shall see. On a side note, we had a great time at the lake. Oh and the reason 10 out of 13 went is because we are still waiting on the I-171H (that's one), AJ's employment letter needed to be redone (that's two) and I wanted to wait on our power of attorney (that's three) just in case it needed to be redone because we were getting close to the expiration date. Our marriage certificate should be back any day now. It had to go to the TN Secretary of State, the State Department and then the Chinese Embassy in Washington. That will make 14 documents. Our last dossier was 19 so at least we have come down a little.


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