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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Fingerprinted yet again

We finally had our fingerprint appointment with the INS. It was quick and easy. Last time they had a problem with AJ's fingerprints, but this time around it was mine. It didn't take them that long though and they made sure to triple check all of them to make sure they had a good print. They had to redo 3 fingers so I'm hoping that everything will be all right. I also hope that we get our I-171H soon after this. Hopefully we will. Someone from our agency received their PA after 16 days. I hope ours comes that quickly. Once it gets here I will be sending a care package to Sophie using It's a great organization and she will send a package that has a camera, teddy bear and goodies for the caregivers and they don't have to pay any customs on a package and I don't have to worry about shipping it there.


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