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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

LOI is on it's way!!!!!!!!!!!

Wooooohooooo!!!! Our LOI is on it's way to China. I still can't believe it is actually happening. Somebody pinch me please. We should get pre approval in about 2-3 weeks. Hopefully we will have our I-171H before or by then and can be DTC very soon. I went and had all but 2 documents (a Dekalb county one and the I-171H) county certified today. They have to be certified by the county that the notary is a resident in and received their notary. I had to go to Coweta and Clayton today and will probably go to Dekalb tomorrow. Once I get those done then it's on to the Secretary of State's office and then the Chinese Consulate in Houston. I sent our marriage certificate to the Secretary of State's office in TN on Saturday so I have to wait to get that one back. Once that come's back it then goes to the State Department and then on to the Chinese Embassy in Washington. It's so much easier this time around. I have it all figured out. I can't wait to post Sophie's picture. I also found out that her name means baby or doll. It fits her perfectly.


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