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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Since today is day 88 I thought I would share a few facts about what happened on this day in 1988.

1988 15th Winter Olympics games open at Calgary, Canada
1988 Christine Wachtel runs world record 800 meter indoor (1 minute 56.40 seconds)
1988 European Community plans removal of inner boundaries on Jan 1, 1992
1988 Heike Dreschler long jumps world record indoor (7.37 meters)
1988 Ronald Weigel runs unofficial world record speed walking (18 minutes 11.41 seconds)

Today I emailed our agency just to see if I could get a little hint. I didn't get anything except for depressing news. I probably won't see anything in Feb. They just had a family who was logged in in October who received their letter of acceptance the first part of Feb. We are logged in 11/17. Meanwhile, people logged in with other agencies are getting their forms. I guess the plus to all of this is that it will be warmer when I go.


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