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Monday, May 14, 2007

We had a good day

This is Sophie saying hello. Today she and I spent together doing nothing. We got up at about 5 or 5:30 and went to breakfast at 6. We took our time since we didn't have anywhere to be. Sophie ate very well. She ate hash browns, zucchini, ham, tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon and some other stuff. We came back to the room and played. I broke out the playdough. We had a great time. Our guide finally came at about 10 (yes he was wearing the same clothes he has been wearing for 6 days now). I think I'll buy him a new shirt :). Anyway he came to pick up the adoption certificate. I had brought it to his attention on Thursday that there was a comma after AJ's name instead of a period. He said it wouldn't be a big deal. I guess today he thought better. He was going to have it redone and would bring me everything at 6pm. It's 5:05 so I'm anxious for him to get here. I will be so glad when this portion is done. I only have 3 days in Guangzhou now and I know it's going be rush, rush. As soon as we get there we will have to get her medical completed, visa photo completed and the paperwork ready. I'm just glad we are almost on the last leg.
Anyway, back to our day. We spent some time in the room bonding waiting for our guide. After he left, we decided to go out and do a little walking. We went to the Walmart again. This time I bought some things other than food. I got several things for Sophie and then I found the jackpot. I found Wizard of Oz in Chinese. I just hope that it will play on our DVD player at home. The case says DVD, so I can only hope. If not, no big deal but it is pretty cool. One day I will scan the back in so that you can see the translation of what the movie is about. It's pretty funny. We then went to Pizza Hut after Walmart. It was good. I ordered a small and I ate 3 slices and Sophie had 2 and 1/2. We ended up back at the room for about an hour or so and then I decided to go out more. I hit the fancy children's department across the street. I found Sophie and Maddie a really cute dress and I found Sophie some more cute shoes. There was a play area in the children's department and I let Sophie play. She only went down the slide a couple of times. I think she was very timid.
We then came back to the hotel and on our way in we ran into a family that was 2 Caucasian parents and 4 Asian children. I said hello and I thought we might have a conversation, but I got snubbed. They took off. Oh well. It's my last day here anyway.... woohoo! We are on the 8:40am flight tomorrow morning so this will be my last post from Shenyang. Yeehaw! Yes I am from the south :). Oh and in the video, Sophie is holding a gummy next to her check.


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