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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Amazing discovery tonight!

First, congrats to Amy who received her TA for beautiful Sarah! Yea! Hopefully Heather will get her TA this week and Sabrina and Beth will get their LOA's. I still don't think our TA is coming any time soon, but I'm counting the days. Hopefully there will be a lot more TA's and LOA's this week.

Second, I was going thru Maddie's stuff from Half the Sky for no real reason. When I was reading it laughing because everything they described about Maddie is exactly the way she is today. Then I found her referal information. I've read it a thousand and one times, but I was reading it again tonight. Maddie was born in the hospital on 9/17/03 and then on 9/19/03 her birth mother walked out. Well the 9/19 date hit me. Sophie was found on 9/19/02. My girls will always share that link even more.
Sophie is on the top left and bottom right. Maddie is on the top right and bottom left. The pictures on the bottom are the very first picture that we saw of each girl. I can't wait to get Sophie home so she doesn't have that sad look in her eyes anymore. Maddie has definitely lost that sad look.


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