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Sunday, April 08, 2007

TA & LOA week proclaimed yet again

First, a big congrats to Heather who received her TA this week. I hope she gets her consulate appointment soon. Second, congrats to Amy and family who are in China right now picking up beautiful Sarah.
Okay now I'm proclaiming TA and LOA week yet again. This has got to be the week for Beth and Sabrina to get their LOA's. I know they have to be here this week. I'm also hoping for TA's. I'm going to get selfish and hope mine comes. I know it has to be soon. Let's also a LID for the Walker family and congrats to Nancy and family who were DTC on 4/5. Their son Asher is in Dandong with Sophie.
Here's hoping for a good week. I did wish on my early birthday cake candles (thanks Mimi) for our TA so let's hope this works.


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